Adirondack Trout & Salmon is owned and operated by me, Licensed
NYS Guide Tom Horgan.  I've been fishing the ponds and streams of the
Adirondacks for over 30 years and although I specialize in fly fishing for
brook trout in ponds, all types of trout and salmon fishing interest me.  I've
been guiding for five years, and have learned that in general what people
enjoy most is 'doing it themselves'.  My approach therefore is to provide
you with enough skills and knowledge to get you fishing and hopefully
'catching'.  I'll teach you  the basics of casting and just enough entomology
and biology to help you understand how trout and salmon feed in different
weather conditions and seasons of the year.  In the end, the goal is to
provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable fishing experience and set you
off with enough information to get started on your own.
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